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pyazo Documentation


The recommended way to deploy pyazo on docker is with docker-compose. Simply download the docker-compose.yml file from here and place it wherever you want to.

To make your pyazo install secure, generate a PostgreSQL Password using the following command.

echo "POSTGRES_PASSWORD=$(openssl rand -base64 12 | tr -d '\n ')" >> .env

The secret key is used to create and sign cookies.

echo "PYAZO_SECRET_KEY=$(openssl rand -base64 50 | tr -d '\n ')" >> .env

Afterwards, run the following commands:


Optionally, if you want to migrate an old install, check upgrade guide out.

docker-compose pull
docker-compose up -d
docker-compose exec server ./ migrate
docker-compose exec server ./ createsuperuser

This will start pyazo, listening on port 8000.

To configure pyazo, check out Configuration.